Monday, May 20, 2013

Gunner Graduates!

Hi everyone!  Our little Gunner has graduated kindergarten.  Amazing!  Not that we were worried.  He is a very smart little guy.  It's that he is growing up.  All my grands are getting older.  So many changes are happening for them all.  Our third oldest grandson is waiting for his paper work for his mission call.  Our first grandchild to go on a mission.  We are truly blessed.

Anyway,  Gunner's school has a computer program for the kids.  It's called Success Maker. There are 3 levels to the program:  bronze, copper and gold.  The 6th grade and kindergarten class finished the program.  That meant that they had learned what they were suppose to learn for the year.  Awesome!  Well, the kids wanted more, so they had to come up with 3 more levels.  The kids came up with platinum, titanium, and diamond.  I would say that 3/4 of the class attained diamond.  unbelievable!  that meant they had exceeded a year past what they were to learn.  The principle counted to see which class had more diamonds. the 6th grade or the kindergarten classes.  I think there are 4  classes in each of those grades.  Gunner's class won with the most Diamonds.  That is one smart class!  We all are so proud of all those kiddos and their accomplishments.

They had a sweet program, the kids sang, the principle talked.  handed out certificates.  They all looked so very precious. 

Gunner and mommy

Our graduate! 

Hope I got all the facts straight. 


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