Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UFO. Done!

hey everyone!  I have another UFO finished.  Yeah me! 

 this is #8 of 12.  20 x 27. I used 1 3/8 yards of stash.  nothing was bought.  
i have a few more to quilt.  the tops are all done.  I just love changing out my quilts every month.  

Last night i was watching Dancing with the Stars and Castle.  I made my 2nd hexie.  this picture was taken with smellavison.  can you smell the orange blossoms?  nothing better!  anyway, this one didn't take as long as the first.  no mistakes.  i think I am in love......

this makes 22 finishes so far this year!  That's pretty good.  I want to try for one more finish this month.  Probably another wall hanging.  



  1. My goodness you have been a busy little finisher. Everything looks wonderful. Your trip to Williams shows how beautiful the scenery is in that part of the state. We have been there several times. Happy Hopping...

  2. What a great finish, and anything that is Bee related is my favorit since my Quilting Bee is call Wee Bee Quilters.


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