Monday, March 4, 2013

I love sewing day!

Hi everyone!  last week I got together with some friends.  We decided we needed to get together at least once a month to work on BOMs.  we all have an access of BOMs that are not finished.  we are working on them, they just aren't finished.  

sooooooo, we did!  

I didn't get a  picture of Cyndi's wallet she finished.  really cute with the embellishments she added.  a yo-yo flower with beads.  sorry!  

This is Mardi's table runner.  so pretty, but Mardi always does perfect!  she is the best.  

 And Toni's barn quilt.  LOVE IT!!!  She always finds the best BOMs out there.  I think Mardi is doing this one too.  

No more pics.  sorry....  I worked on a Halloween block.  I now have 5 or 6 blocks done for this particular BOM.  I will show pics later.....  

thanks for looking...


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