Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh Sweet Williams

I slept under several quilts, little squirrels running around, a crazy woodpecker, pecking on a metal roof - rat a tat tat.....  life is good.....

Vicki invited up to Williams to spend the week with her.  Could I come?  hmmmmm, YES!!!!!  So, I packed and was gone.  Just before the turn off to Williams.  Just before Flagstaff.  ahhhhh, snow!  soooo pretty....  

I didn't get done everything I brought.  LOL....  I brought WAAAAYYYYY  too much stuff.  but I was good and we bought kept plugging along.  sew, sew, sew, eat, sew, sew, sleep, eat, sew, sew,sew..... etc.....  

Last year Vicki and I traded socks.  I also traded in my Thornberries group.  they were just fused down.  we had to do the stitching ourselves.  I now have 10 small socks done.  LOTS more to do.....

Vicki is making 144 patch blocks.  this is her first one.  And yes, I am tempted!

I gave Vicki her own carrot.  I finished it up there.  

 Then I started 2 more.  ran out of strips.  darn.  I didn't bring enough!

Block 4 is done.  8 more to do.....

We made bobbin necklaces.... fun!

I finished this block for my Halloween BOM.  3 more blocks to do.  

I made guacamole.  no bowls, so we used a large Ziploc bag and squished and squished.  Yummy!

I finished my reindeer blocks for a Amy Bradley swap I am in.  the blocks are traded out and will go to their owners this week.  

 Vicki found this pattern online somewhere.  I will try to get more info on this.  She is calling this quilt  - Transition - she had all the 2.5 " strips cut of Coquette by Chez for Moda.  the Black was the yummiest Black!  oh boy.  it's essential by Danhui Nai for Wilmington Prints.  I have been online looking for more of this black.  love it.  anyway, we both have all our blocks done. Now to do the sashing in black.  I am thinking I might try minkie for the back.  What do you think Toni?  LOL......
I also finished quilting March,

and May!  all finished quilted and bound.  all UFOs.  

 Vicki and I have been playing around with Hexies.  we really want a grandmothers flower garden quilt.  I cut out paper hexagons with my cricket a year or so ago.  I liked doing it that way.  Vicki didn't.  she didn't like the paper.  so she has been hunting.  hexagon stamp   Cindy Blackberg has lots of different stamps to stamp the fabric, then cut and sew without any paper.  I kind of like it.  Vicki promised everytime I finish a hexie, she will stamp another one for me!  yeah!  I was able to finish the block rather quickly.  I did have to unpick a bit.  but I wasn't discouraged.  it looked a little funky when I finished.  no pic, sorry.  but I pressed, and oh my gosh!  it's beautiful.  it's a nice size too.  maybe 6" across?  I will have to measure. 
 Another Vicki project.  a year or so ago, Vicki prepped this for the both of us.  her top done.  Mine, well, the blocks are not sewn together yet.... sigh.... I will get it done, promise! 

I think that is it.  so you see, we did work hard.  Thank you Vicki, for sharing your mountain home with me.  And thanks Ron for dinner and treats!  you are a sweetie for sure. 


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