Monday, March 4, 2013

I got it! I got it!

Hi everyone!  I think I told you I belong to the quilted table runner yahoo group - here 

Well today I received my table runner from Liz!  THANK YOU!!!!!  I love it!  This is what I found inside the box:

See all the candy? for me!!  it's in the sewing room so I can have my treats.  and a snap bag!  I love those bags Liz, they can keep me entertained for hours - open, close, open, close, open, close - well you get the picture!  In the bag were my favorite clips for binding.  AND they are pretty!  and the cutest little matchbook needle keeper.  fascinating!  AND Easter egg fabric.  there is enough there to really do something with.  more than a FQ, I forgot to measure how much.  too excited to see everything.  AND........ 

 My table runner.  Liz is right, it's not Eastery but very spring like and the colors are perfect!  You can see how it pops on my dark table.  Liz the colors are perfect for where I am putting it.  LOVE IT! 
 And then I have to show you the cute little chocolate bunnies that were included.  My grands will love them, oh wait!  They would have loved them.  
They are gone...... they were yummy!  but darn cute!  

Liz, you are a sweetie.  thank you for everything.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner!  you made my day!  


  1. Very pretty Spring table runner. Lots of candy in your swap package...candy is good for us as it gives us energy to keep sewing. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. Ohhhh it's beautiful. Your a good gramma if your going to share your choco bunnies! :-)

  3. Very nice hidden wells block. I am totally addicted to it!

  4. Love all of it! You could share some of your candy, though. LOL

  5. Lorene, You are too funny and Liz has spoiled you rotten! LOL! Love all those goodies she sent. Lisa in Georgia


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