Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sewing with a friend

Hi everyone!  just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been busy!  Its been crazy around here.  I will be at a lovely little cabin all next week, sewing with my friend Vicki.  we are having a "Let's get some of this stuff done, and sew all week, and laugh and sew and eat!"  so no new projects, just UFOs being worked on.  

I have 4 wall hangings already prepped for machine quilting.  The binding is cut and ready.  I have started to pack projects.  no clothes yet, just projects!  lol.....  

Last week, my friend Toni and I got together to sew.  we wanted to make the tag along bag from This and That.  tag along link  

We pretty much got the bags done.  I finished mine when i got home.  it was a fun day and Toni is a great hostess.  

here is my bag:



I don't have a picture of Toni's bag.  but i do have a picture of Toni's quilt.  The fabric is from double chocolate by 3 Sisters for Moda.  Love it!  do you see the backing?  long hair minky!  it is soooooo luxurious.  Love it!  Toni's bag is made from the same fabric.  Oh yeah,  this quilt is meant for snuggling.  

Now, Toni is a great cook.  she made this soup while we were sewing.  Sorry no picture.  So easy and so yummy.  here you go!  in Toni's own words.....

I brown some garlic cloves and about ½ of an onion in olive oil.Then, I add a jar of marinara sauce.  Add a can of beans and about 1 cup of small pasta and some red pepper flakes, a can of chicken stock and Whhhhaa Laaaaa! Easy Peasy! And yummy for the tummy!  cook until the pasta is cooked, serve, eat!

There will be posts all week long, so come back and have a look.  Lots of fun stuff.  Even a famous quilter!  


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