Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sewing with Friends!

Hi everyone!  I have such nice friends.  Who like to sew.  Who like to sew with each other.  Who make me laugh.  thank you!  

We went to Toni's.  Remember Toni has the minature ponies?  I have shown Ariel before.  She is a little bigger.  Still so darn cute.  she was on the other side of the yard when I went outside.  I called her, and she came running over to me!  Oh my gosh!  She started to nibble on my white jeans - ah no sweetie.  so she nibbled on my pink shirt. ah no again sweetie.  so I petted her and she was a happy girl!  I think she is still looking for something to nibble!      

Mardi is making the quilt from this book, on a black background.  BLESS HER HEART!!!!  LOL.....

 And these are Mardi's blocks.  Mardi is a perfectionist when it comes to her quilting and she has the ribbons to prove.  Her quilts are always perfection.  I love to just study them.  It will be fun to see how this quilt grows. 

 We even got to go into Dave's man cave!  he is a vendor.  so what ever you would find in a vending machine, Dave has it.  We found a couple of goodies.  Thanks Dave!
Now Lil Missy is only 3 pounds.  and I love her.  she is the sweetest little dog in the world.  Our friend Charlene, who lives in one of the Carolinas, loves Lil Missy too.  she sends her goodies all the time.  While we were there and package arrived for Missy, but addressed to Toni!  In the package were cute stuff for this little sweetie.  Look what she received!

A ladybug outfit!  OH! MY! GOSH!  How cute is that?  She just sat in Toni's lap while Toni dressed her.  I forgot to take pics of the other outfits.  Sorry.  but they were darn cute too.  
 I was able to finish block 6.  Forget pieces for 5.  and almost finished 7!
 This is Cyndi's patriotic blocks.  She had 2 done from her quilting cruise and finished this and another one too.  She also finished the last block from another project from the cruise.  She is cranking them out.  

Thanks gals for a fun day.  Toni, you have raised the bar!  LOL.....


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