Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi everyone!  I heard from my swap partner that she received her pin keep!  yeah!!!  

Well, l like to zoom around blog world.  finding new and fun things.  I came across Wendy's ravenwood whimzies   she was hosting a pin keep swap.  I LOVE pincushions!  what is a pin keep?  it more. much more than a pin cushion.  if you enter pin keep on pinterest you get some amazing pin keeps!  

anyway I was intrigued, so thought I would join.  so happy I did!

I thought and thought and thought.  I ended up going to an antique mall.  I am looking, I am looking.  I find lots of different things.  then I find a antique butter dish.  I fell in love!  

 And here is what I made from it:

 I loved opening and closing it.  and it's silver.  so now I will continue to look for another so I can have one.  Thanks Cynthia for swapping with me.  It was great fun!  thanks so Wendy for hosting!  I would love to do this again!

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  1. WOW Lorene - that is awesome! What a beautiful pinkeep! So many gals have said how much they love this swap, so I may just have to make it a semi-annual event!


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