Monday, October 7, 2013

My trip to Williams

I know I said I wouldn't share pictures of what Vicki and I worked on while in Williams, but I can show other pictures! 

Do you ever prepare for an event or trip, and then forget things on the list?  hmmmmm......  I do.  I always seem to forget something.  Always.  I try so very hard to write out my list, check off items and then still forget something(s). 

This time I remembered all the stuff for our projects.  What did I forget?  my medication I take daily.  My blow dryer.  My brush I use when I blow dry my hair.  most of my make up.  do you see a pattern here!  what was the most important things to pack?  I am lucky I remembered to bring PJs! 

Anyway,  here is what the table looked like when I arrived! 

Lots of glow in the dark things.  Chocolate.  Candy Corn.  lots of wonderful things. 

glow in the dark bugs on my sewing chair.  Glow in the dark spiders under my bed.  And glow in the dark eyes in the bathroom! 

Remember all the stuff I forgot?  Well, #1 son was coming to Flagstaff to do inventories.  Williams is 40 miles away.  So this good son brought my forgotten things.  Thank you Lee!  You are a sweetie! 

And thank you Vicki for hosting our Wicked adventure!  Thank you for taking such good care of me.  My whole mantra while there..... Please Vicki, don't get sick!  Please Vicki, don't get sick! 


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