Monday, October 21, 2013

A Pouch Swap

Hi Everyone! 

a month or so ago, Kim at lily patch quilts hosted a pouch swap.  Well,  I decided to join! 

I had the privledge to exchange pouches with Cathy who lives in France!  how cool is that! 

Cathy and I wrote back and forth learning what we each liked.  Cathy loves civil war fabrics.  I had this idea to find some really pretty civil war fabric, keep the pouch very simple and fill it with everything you would need to bind a quilt.  I pictured a hard working pouch!  LOL.. 

Of course, I had to include my favorite candy bar!  a FQ of more civil war fabric, some quilting playing cards and some AZ pictures. 

Here is what I received from Cathy!

isn't the pouch beautiful?  oh, I how I love it!  the 2 smaller are sachet, lavender sachets.  And how lovely they smell.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Cathy. 

And thank you Kim for hosting!  Kim has made a pinterest board of the pouches.
pretty pouch swap

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