Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Julia

Hi everyone!  This past weekend our granddaughter was in another pageant.  She is Miss Teen Acton.  This pageant was for the Antelope Valley Miss Teen. 

Her mom - our daughter!  sent me this picture:

A little background.  Several months ago, when I was visiting I left some Chantilly in Julia's bedroom.  She told me that she was keeping it and saving it for a very special occasion.  Well, this was her special occasion.  She is wearing it for good luck! 

We were suppose to be there..... sigh......  but I got sick and couldn't go..... sigh..... poop! 

Our sweetie didn't win.  But Julia, you can hold your head high.  I heard you did a FANTASTIC job!  Walk proud girl! 

love you lots........

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