Friday, June 7, 2013

What I am working on

Hi everyone,  I had a great day today!  in fact a great week!  I had a little class at Scrapbook ETC, lunch with Cyndi, shopping - I know I was bad, again. Lunch with Mary, more shopping.  I can really explain!  needed backing for a quilt and some yardage for another.  I didn't buy anything that wasn't for a project. 

Anyway,  I was working on my blessing quilt.  I was able to finish embroidering the last sashing strip, sew on the first border, and square up 128 2" half square triangles.  Now I need to make 52 more half square triangles and I can finish the 2nd border. 

Does that look like 128 half square triangles? it is, I promise! 
I promise I will share soon.  but things are coming along nicely.  Today I am off to 3 Dudes  to sew with Monica, Cyndi and Toni.  Yeah, still haven't decided what to work on, since I have so many to choose from.  but I will figure it out. 


  1. No excuses are ever necessary for enjoying life and every moment of it. Happy Creative Hearts...

  2. We never need a reason to buy fabric, especially when we NEED it. LOL Cute little half square tiny!


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