Friday, June 28, 2013

He's is the Army now....

You know, I think we are a military family.  My Dad served in the Navy during the Korean war.  My Aunt Gloria served in the Air Force, then in the Army.  My Uncle John in the Air Force.  My cousin Steve in the Air Force.  Our oldest son Lee, in the Army.  My Brother in law a Marine.  so, yeah, I think we love our country. 

My brother Dean, has 3 sons.  #2 is in the Army and is in Korea.  Now son #3 is going into the Army.  I think he has just arrived at Fort Leonardwood. 

Last weekend we celebrated his going into the Army.  It was a lot of fun.  Very emotional. and very patriotic. 

Our new Army dude, Bric and his Grandfather! 

And 2 goof balls!  our son, Lee and my brother.  Wish I would have taken more pics! 

Good luck Bric!  we know you will do great!  love ya kiddo!


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  1. A big THANKS to all your family for their service!


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