Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Jackson, Lexi, Eva, and Hudson Party!

hi everyone!  you know the problem you have when you have big families?  LOTS of birthdays.  I seem to be the late Grandma, esp to my out of state grands.  I feel really bad, but it is hard keeping track of 20 grands!!!  Mercy! 

Anyway,  Jenn who has a lot of birthdays close together and Melissa who has Hudson decided to celebrate them all, together, at my home!  The brought pizza, soda, cake  and ice cream.  Now that is my kind of party! 

Here are Jackson - who is turning 11, Lexi 10 and Eva - who will be 7.  My goodness!!  Love those kiddos! 

And here is Hudson who turned 1!

And using 1 fist.
And the other fist!

And back to the first

He was one happy guy! 

He did alright for himself, didn't he?  All the kids had a great time!  Thanks to Melissa and Glen for the great clean up!  And thanks to our kids for bringing everything.  we appreciate it!  Love you all...... 

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