Monday, June 17, 2013

A day with Lexi!

Hi everyone!  Lexi and got to spend a day together.  I gave her, her choice
of what we would do.  and guess what?  She wanted to sew.  Yeah!!!  So we decided on a potholder.  She wanted to use chili fabric, but I couldn't find where I put the chili fabric.  hmmmmm.....  but I did find some fabric that I used in her baby quilt.  that was 10 years ago! 

I cut 9 3 1/2" squares. Lexie sewed them together.

then pinning the rows together....
Then she started to quilt it......
Then the dreaded hand sewing the binding.  Which she did a terrific job!   

All done! 

thanks for a fun day sweetie!  love ya!


  1. Great Job! This is a wonderful way to spend a day and make something fabulous. Love the attention to detail and precise little seams. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

    1. Just the beginning of a great adventure, I look forward to her asking to sew again...

  2. Wow - she did a great job - And it was time well spent!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm


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