Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Celebrations

Hi everyone!  I know this is a few days late. But we did celebrate on Father's Day.  And that is what counts. 

Bruce decided the menu:  sloppy Joe burros, lime jello with mandarin oranges and cool whip, mango salsa, guacamole, and butterscotch pudding.  All comfort foods. 

My Dad was up where it is cool, so we didn't get to celebrate with him.  but I will see him this weekend. 

Our AZ kids were all here.  so it was loud and busy, and crazy!  Love it! 

A happy Grandpa with his grands!

Now how did Bruce get short?  I love these men!

And Bruce with some of our babies. 
 Now, when Melissa and Glen came with the boys, look who surprised us!
Gunner man, now known as Mini Mr. Clean.  That's better than what he called himself - Lex Luther from Superman. 
And there you are.  It was a great day.  thanks for everyone who came over.  Thanks to our other kiddos who called, you were missed. 

love you all....


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