Saturday, June 15, 2013

A shopping we did go!

Hi everyone!  Toni and I felt bad that Cyndi didn't get to go with us to Olde World.  Cyndi felt bad she didn't get to go to Olde World.  So We all went to Olde World quilt shoppe! 

This was my haul.  I know, more fabric!  but they are for specific projects.  the black and white is for borders.  the tan for a background.  The Valdani thread for a project, the Antiquing Spray - needed it.  And the wool kit was a spur of the moment purchase.  But Wool doesn't count in my stash report!  LOL.... 

The off to La Grande Orange.  Oh happy day! Cyndi hadn't eaten there before.  So what did we order?

Reuben's!  of course!  and French pancakes with crème fresh and strawberries.  Heavenly...  We were happy campers.  We also all brought home English muffins, and chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with sea salt. 

Thanks girls, it was a very fun day! 


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