Monday, May 5, 2014

Stahs Report 12

Hi everyone!  can't believe it's that time again!!!

Bobbins used this week: 2
Bobbins used year to date: 15
Thread spools emptied this week: 1
Thread spools emptied year to date:  4
Fabric used this week:  0 yard  
Fabric used year to date: 13 1/2 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards

Vicki and I are going to town!!!  we have started sewing the roses to our bear paw blocks. 

I didn't get a picture of Vicki's.  I will add it next time.  Wasn't sure if I liked it or not.  but looking at it now, I really do!!!  next up a red rose I think!

We have a little snowman table runner ready for hand sewing.

Vicki sewed these little baby steps for us and I need to start the embroidery!

I have the last side borders for my cheddar that is pink quilt ready to sew on!!! 

And we went to Sassy's for lunch.  Which is always good. 

Toni introduced me to lemon drop cupcakes.  So I had to have one.  OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!  I might have to try this at home.  so good...... 

so no finishes, but lots of sewing time and laughter.  Vicki is here this week too.  lets see what we can get done! 



  1. Finishes will come later since you have such a good beginning on your projects. Love that Lemon Drop cupcake! It sounds so refreshing...

  2. I like the extra border on Baby Steps! The rose is cool.


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