Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Miss Teen Acton, CA reign is over.....

Hi everyone,  recently my daughter Jenn, my son Lee, Zoe and Lexi and I made a quick dash to CA to support Julia, my granddaughter in giving up her crown.  Her reign is over.  I can't believe a year went by so fast! 

AND Jenn was one of the judges to pick the new queen. 

here we are, Road Trip!  Happy, happy, happy....
Here is Julia, and her Dad Michael.  her last walk as Miss Teen Acton.  kind of a bittersweet moment. 

The poor girl had 4 changes, 3 of which were formal wear.  They kept the queens hoping. 
Jenn said the judging was a very unique experience.   I think the judges did very well.  it was a tough  call. 
Jenn the judge, and Julia former queen. 
this is on Pear Blossom Highway.  See that white on the mountain?  that's snow!  My goodness, it's May!  Now I know that some people live where there is lots of snow.  I know many of you are still dealing with a bit of snow.  but please remember, I am a desert rat.  this snow stuff is unique for me. 
 This is at Palm Springs.  More snow!  wow!!! 
We stopped for lunch and our Lexi was a hungry girl.
Don't you love Lexi's shoes?   She has her Grandma Hudson to thank for that. 

by Quartsite, we stopped at Love's Travel stop.  do you see these shoes, oh my gosh!  Love them.   so I had to get them. 

It was a wonderful, fast, fun trip!  Loved every minute of it. 

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