Friday, May 23, 2014

Loot Party!

my Hubby business is convenience stores.  so lots of venders come his way.  Recently kormark has avendor show in Vegas.  We couldn't go, but the 3 people in his office went.  Once of them was our son in law, Glen.  And he took his darling wife (our daughter) Melissa.  The rule was #1 bring back stuff that I can send to our missionary Jordyn and #2 bring back stuff for the loot party for the grands.  other than that have fun and enjoy! 

Well, between the 3 employees, (Glen works for us), they won a ipod, a 42 " TV, a blue ray player, a coffee machine, and something like a fitbit.  Maybe I need to change the rules!  LOL...... 

Not everyone got in the picture.  they were too quick for me.  Even Hudson was able to get stuff this time.  But he didn't have the patience to wait for it, as you can see, he is enjoying his loot immediately. 

The kids really enjoy get stuff.  and we enjoy watching them  pick.  It is really quite fun. 


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