Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sewing with Friends

Hi Everyone!  recently some friends came over to sew.  Mardi, Toni, Cyndi and Vicky.  This is another Vicky.  a friend of Cyndi's.  Welcome, welcome! 
Toni wasn't able to come to lunch with us the other day to celebrate Cyndi's birthday.  So she brought a little surprise for Cyndi this day!  yeah!!! 

A special box! 

Filled with all kinds of goodies!
 A very sweet homemade card that was absolutely beautiful!

There was lots more stuff but we were so excited to see everything, I forgot to take pictures! 

here is the completed top Cyndi made for a new baby. 

this is Mardi's new project. I know she got the pattern at Paducah, and she is using leftover civl war fabric.  It is beautiful!!!! 

Last summer while Mardi and Cyndi were out of town, I got the harebrain idea to make this quilt.  So Toni and I pooled our Halloween fabric.  and cut kits for everyone.  We cut 6 kits.  We both still have LOTS of Halloween fabric left.  Well, Charlene, Toni, and Mardi have finished theirs.  the above picture is Mardi's.  I love the piping she added. 

Cyndi made these charms for each of us.  Aren't they the cutest thing?  Can you guess what QG stands for?  Quilt Girl of course.  Thank you Cyndi!  you are a sweetie!

This is Vicky.  She is working on a project that the blocks are 30" squares.  Oh my gosh, that is big.  the is the center  for one of those blocks. 

Here is her first block.  the colors are so rich.  I can't wait to see the whole thing someday. 

Well, before you ask, I sewed, didn't finish anything, just plugged along.  It was a very nice day.  I always enjoy when we get together and sew.  These ladies are the best!


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  1. Having friends and getting together and sharing like skills is always wonderful. More Creative Bliss...


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