Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lots of kits to sew!

Hi everyone!  I have shared my idea on scraps.  I like to cut them up for someday.  I have always loved scrap quilts.  And that seems where my interests and time have been on.

 I haven't been a very good girl in organizing my scraps in the past.  it really seemed over whelming to do anything.  When I needed something, I would scrounge around my boxes.  I was good at checking the scraps before going to my stash. 

Then along came Bonnie Hunter and her scrap system.  it was like a light bulb turned on.  Her quilts are amazing.  good snuggle and read a book quilts.  or I don't feel good and I need comfort quilts.  Or put it on the bed and look beautiful and snuggly quilts. 

It took a couple of years to define what I really needed in scraps.  what good does it do to cut up scraps if you are cutting sizes that you don't use!  hard lesson. 

So last summer I bit the bullet and bought a go cutter.  before I bought any dies, I tried to evalutate what sizes I needed the most.  I didn't want to buy willie nillie.  I wanted this to work. 

So I bought 2 1/2" strips, 2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2" and 5" squares.  And both sizes of the tumbler dies.  I really want the bow tie and little basket dies.  I am saving for those.  I don't seem to use the strip die as much as the squares.  I use those squares A LOT! 

I am still learning about my scrap system.  But I can tell, it is so much easier using my go cutter than using my mat and rotary cutter.  much easier on my hands. 

There are several quilts I want to make, a quilt that Vicki and want to make.  All scrappy types. 

So the other day  I started making notes of what I needed.  LOTS of 3.5" squares, lots of 2.5 squares.  So I went to my scrap drawers and started counting.  I didn't have to cut one of those squares.  Oh my gosh.  they were all ready for me.  I did have to cut some unbleached muslin for one of the quilts.  It took minutes to cut those 3 1/2" squares.  life is so good, you know......

The first box is for a pinwheel quilt that Vicki and I are making.  I still need to cut the setting triangles and alternate squares from the muslin.  but I am in no hurry.  The middle  shoe box is for the Trail Mix quilt.  this is just one part of it.  what's in there is just for one of the blocks.  The last box.  Sigh....... I had it all organized and I dropped the box.  It is for  the twinkler quilt. 

Now these boxes will be sit by my machine and will be leaders and enders.  no rush on them.  just free quilts.  that is a good thing. 

off to sew..... 


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  1. I love Bonnie's system too used to be in the habit of cutting up my scraps regularly. Now I'm thinking a GO will be in my future - a reward for getting to my UFO goal by year end. It's so nice being able to pull some squares or strips and start sewing!


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