Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love being a girl!

today was a wonderful day - I got a pedicure and manicure. ahhhhhhhhhh, so very nice. having that done, makes me feel pampered and beautiful! happy, happy...... I would love to do that once a week - at least. LOL! My friend Vicki and I didn't get to get together this summer. that makes me sad. we always get so much done when we have our retreats. so this year we decided that we would pick a day and pick 2 projects and sew. the thing is, we have about 6 projects to do. the first 2 projects we picked was a red and black quilt. Abundance is the pattern. Vicki provided the 10" red squares. I provided the black, red ric rak, and border. the other is a Patrick lose haunted house/birthday table runner. Now the deal is, we have to finish these 2 projects as in finish the top, quilt and bind it. well, I have the abundance top done. I LOVE IT!!!!

Here is a close up of the flower and ric rak. isn't just darn cute?
and here is the top! Yeah!!! Vicki, isn't it wonderful? just the way I envisioned it! now, what color of thread do I use? how shall I quilt it? what should I get for a backing? I want it finished yesterday. I really, really love this quilt.

thank you Vicki for going with my zany ideas!

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