Tuesday, August 24, 2010

where's george?

Hi everyone! I have heard and seen a couple of bills that had the stamp where's George on it, but I have never had one in my hot little hands. Well, now I do, or rather did, cause it's already gone! LOL! it was kind of fun to see where it started - Las Cruses, NM. it didn't get registered again till Bruce got it at Lone Butt Casino. He plays poker once in a while and shares his winnings! so that is how I got it. now, it's up in Pinetop, so instead of moving further away, it's moving closer to to where it started! how funny is that? anyway the link is http://wheresgeorge.com its kind of fun to see how far and how long money travels. this one traveled 294 in less than a month. have fun....


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  1. It's fun isn't it, I've had 2 now, one we took clear to alaska ! I gave the other to Aiden to spend and it's in his piggy bank, oh well !


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