Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hi everyone!  I am in the middle of quilting a Halloween quilt.  this is a scrappy, spur of the moment type of quilt. 

On one of our get togethers, Vicki and I were working on Halloween quilts.  somewhere we saw a quilt, thought - We can do this!!!  so it was made with what we had on hand. 

It's been hanging in the closet for a few years.  All I had to do was machine applique the ghosts and the haunted house.  Done! 

Now it is on the frame.  I am using lime green thread and a spider web panto.  I am loving this! 

so here is the first row:

If you click on the picture, you can even see the cat hair!  Mr Diesel jumped up there before I could catch him.... 


  1. oh how fun...Love Halloween stuff.

  2. That's nice, all my fabric has cat hair on it too LOL.

  3. Those spider webs look great in that pretty thread!

  4. Wow, this looks great Lorene! Great thread colour, it will look wonderfully webby!!
    My best wishes to Jordyn; it's not always easy to choose a life path that differs so greatly from same-aged peers, especially at his age, but as he has such family support and solid convictions, he is well-equipped to handle the good things & the tough things of his choice.


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