Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't you just love Halloween!!

Hi everyone!  I love seeing everything on the HO HO HO blog hop!  I love Christmas!  but for the last month and a half I have been working on everything Christmas for my part of the hop! 

Well, I took a break.....  and worked on a Halloween project.  Cyndi and I traded some oranges, green plaids and some purples.  Broomstick Hallow We bought the pattern at the 3 Dudes  They had a sample hanging in the store and we fell in love! 

all I have left is appliquéing stars and moons onto the houses.  and then making a gazillion half sq triangles of purple and green!  It was a nice break.  now back to finishing one more Christmas thing before my day on the 8th of August!  Wish me luck!!! 



  1. Your Halloween blocks are rocking the oranges and blacks. I am not ready for August to be over just yet. Sunny Summer Smiles...

  2. Lorene you sew circles around me...I love all your projects and the best part is how much fun you have while creating... Hugs


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