Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Missionary!

Hi Everyone!  In our church, Young men (age 18) and young women (age 19) can go mission for 2 years.  Our grandson, Jordyn has decided to serve a mission. 

Two weeks ago, we went to CA for his farewell.  I know he was so nervous.  I completely understand.  Jordyn did so well.  And he looked so handsome in his suit. 

After church, we all congregated back at the Zeman home.  Lots of family, good food, lots of laughter and a few tears. 

Here is Bruce, Jordyn and I.  Jordyn is our 3rd grandchild.  And we are so very proud of him. 
I made a pillowcase for him.  It has the letters CTR all over it.  that stands for choose the right.  I got the idea from fredas hive  - thank you!!!  She sent me to  Spoonflower

Do you remember this quilt?  it was from the Ho, Ho, Ho blog hop.  I had several finished quilts and I was trying to decide which one to give Jordyn.  He is going to Washington, Spokane mission.  NE Washington, part of ID and Montana and a little bit of Canada.  Anyway, this one seemed the one for him.  He will be doing a lot of walking, riding a bike, and more walking.  soooooo.....  

Today, this young man goes into the mission home in Provo, UT.  My prayers and thoughts are with him.   And with my daughter and her family.  I know it is an emotionally exciting, hard, happy, sad, adventurous day for them all. 

Love this young man!  

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