Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I see the light!

Hi everyone!  I have had this light attached to my sewing machine for 4 years, I think!  I LOVE it!!! 

This Bendable Bright Lights has really worked hard for me.  It plugs in - not battery operated.  It produces a really bright light. I can sew at night without any problems. I can move it to different machines, easily.   And it has died......  It runs for about $40 if I am remembering right,  so that means it cost $10 a year.  Not too bad. 
Well, when you are use to having this wonderful light and it's gone, well,  it's not fun to sew when you can't see. 
I had to make a run to Mulqueens to pick up some so fine to quilt my next quilt.   they had these new lights - SewLite I have been wanting to check out.  About the same price and soooooooo much smaller. 
 Do you see how small these are?  the small one is about 1/4" square!  Yikes!!!  the other about 1/4" x 1/2".  My goodness. 
Here the all lights are off. 
This is just the sewing machine light. 
All the lights are on. 

here you can see where I put the little, itty bitty lights.  My goodness.  I think I am going to like them. 
I can see only one draw back.  how do I put this on another machine?  The other light had an adapter.  This one doesn't.  sigh.....  I will have to think about this. 
I do like the brightness, and will try sewing this evening to see how it goes.  No affiliation, just a customer!  

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