Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Treadling I will go!

A while back I shared that my daughter gave me a Singer treadle machine.  I have always wanted a Singer treadle.  I just love the way they look.  I love the quiet sound they make.  This one is a 15 - 80. 

I met Gary on Treadleon.  He is a local guy, who loves to restore treadle machines.  He worked a bit on my Wheeler Wilson and came over the other day to work on this new one.  Well, it is new compared to the Wheeler Wilson! 

this new machine was made in 1949, in Scotland!  I would love to know the story on how it traveled to CA, then to AZ.  That machine has traveled more than I!

It needed a new bobbin case and bobbins.  He didn't need to replace the belt.  He tightened, adjusted and played.  And now it works!  thank you Gary!!!!

So if you need some treadling advice, work, etc, please give Gary an email!  Restoration Antique Sewing Machine Cabinets

Just a very happy treadler recommendation! 


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