Monday, October 5, 2009


here is Rex. he is a English Saffordfordshire Bull Terrier. About 55 pounds. but I think he weighs a lot more! I have been cold at night here. I sleep with a quilt, a wool blanket, a fleece blanket, and a regular blanket. Last night I invited Rex to sleep with me. Now in order for this to happen, I must find my little sleep spot after nesting around a bit. all good, so come on Rex. I am sleeping on a blow up bed. up he jumps and we bounce a bit. he curls right up next to me. I mean right in the crook of my legs. he doesn't budge. on top of the covers. I don't move either. about 1 AM I wake up needing to get up. I try to move Rex, no movement. I say, Rex get up!!! no movement. I try to move a little. not happening. So I move to the other side of the bed which is right next to the sofa. Good thing that it is dark and everyone is asleep. I am not graceful or lady like. When I come back, Rex hasn't moved a muscle! But he did keep me warm!!! Thank you Rex!


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