Monday, October 26, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

hi everyone, I am feeling like I am running a marathon here. but the business is coming to a end - I think!!! Anyway, I thought I would post a few things. here are my next 3 blocks I have finished for the beatitudes BOM. I am really enjoying these. and they go pretty fast.

here is the last block of Gail Pan's Christmas wish. These blocks are wonderful to do. I can quickly do them up, have the satisfaction of doing something, and not having to use a lot of brain power!!
The ladies in the redwork club voted to do Colorwork Calendar, #134 by Once upon a vine. There is a pattern for a quilt and pillows. but I have made something different with it. can't show it till December! sorry!! I hope the ladies will enjoy it!

over the weekend Lee took Zoe to the state fair. her first time! She LOVED it!!! esp the ferris wheel. I wish I could have been there to see that! anyway, when Bruce and I went, I wanted to try chocolate dipped bacon. it sounded intriguing. I mentioned to Lee that we didn't see any. Well............ he found some and brought it home for me to try. well, I can't say it was wonderful. I can't say that it was bad. it was ........ interesting. the picture doesn't look like much. it was really thick milk chocolate with crispy bacon inside. kind of salty, sweet, bacony tasting.... I don't think I have to try it again.

we had Demi and Lexy with us this weekend. They were the best helpers EVER!!!!! in two days is the ripper Halloween birthday bash. and the girls helped with making mummy candy bars and making all sizes of spiders for the party. they were good sports about helping me. I appreciate my sweeties!!!! thank you girls!!!! you are awesome!!!! love, love, love you both!

thanks for looking!

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