Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a little upset!

I can't believe I did this!!! I keep my pictures on a flash drive. I haven't downloaded them onto a DVD for a while. well, I clicked the wrong button and formatted the flash drive! All my pics are gone!! I can't believe I did that. now, I am typing italic - how did that happen!!!! geeze oh pete!

OK, on to different stuff. GW went to the doctor today for his circumcision. he wasn't a happy camper this afternoon. he is such a good baby. doesn't cry very much. just wants his food and a clean diaper. It was sooo sad to hear him cry. We know he is doing well, because he weighed in at 10 pounds even! mercy, he is growing before our eyes.

OK, another change of subject! just before I left we had some customers in the store. A mom and her two daughters. one of the daughters works at Dillard's. they had the cutest purses. she told us that she had bought the purses at Dillard's at $10! they were clearanced. she told us that on the last 3 days of the month, they take an additional 30 - 40 % of of their clearance items. She said she had bought a Kitchen aid mixer for $79!! I said I want one! She said the purses were probably no longer available. Who wants a purse when they can get a kitchen aid at that price!!! She promised she would find out if there were anymore available and let me know. I have been on pins and needles, waiting for her email. Well, she emailed that she found one for $135!!! the color is ice and it is the artisan. it will arrive about the time I get home! Yeah!!!! I have to confess, I cannot bake bread. I make hockey pucks. several people over the years have tried to teach me. my girls can make bread. I didn't teach them. Well, my new kitchen aid I should be able to make bread! Elena shared her recipe with me and walked me through it. here is the dough....
and here are the two loaves! of course we had to try it. Yumm!!! I made bread!!! oh my goodness, Bruce will now expect homemade bread every week. LOL!

Sorry to be sooo long winded. OK, now to watch Dancing with the Stars......

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  1. Lorene, I do love your blog!! My heart dropped when I read about your pictures, how awful!!! But, isn't God good, to give you such a blessing as a KitchenAid!!!! I love mine. It has been a part of my kitchen for 20-some years and I'd be lost without it. I can't believe you didn't post a picture :). Congrats!!!


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