Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miracles and Apple Pie

OK, miracle first! I took pics this morning, so I was downloading the pics. what did I find? ALL MY PICTURES!!!!! it lists 2 places for pictures, so I thought maybe I downloaded them to the computer instead of the flash drive. I don't care! I found them. what a blessing. I was just sick to think I had lost them all. all the way back to 2003. I am a happy girl! OK, on to apples. Elena loves to garden. she has all kinds of fruit trees in her yard. one, a granny smith apple tree -only 1 year old. (one year that she has had it!) it's not even planted in the ground yet. She grew 13 apples on her tree this year. one she ate, to see if they were ready to pick! LOL, one she gave to her mother to try and the other 11 into pies! here they are fresh off the tree.
Now Elena has this cool tool! it peels, cores and makes this ring of apples. all you have to do is turn the handle. pretty cool. she said she bought it at bed, bath and beyond! around $20. I say that's a pretty cool tool. I had a choice between showing the tool or the ring. I chose the ring, I could just play with it, but Elena needed it for her pies!
Here is little Maddy girl rolling out dough. it kept her busy while mom was busy making the pies. She is going to be an awesome cook someday. Mom has her in the kitchen while she is cooking or baking. Maddy loves it!

here is one of the pies filled to the brim. all Elena had to do with the spring of apples was to slice down the middle. She then had uniform slices. Perfect!
we all tried a slice as soon as it came out of the oven. Yummy! Ashton took a slice to work for his lunch. Elena had a mid afternoon snack, and I am thinking about it! LOL! Bruce comes tomorrow night. hope there will still be some left.....
many thanks for small blessings.....

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