Friday, October 2, 2009

GW is growing like a weed......

One of these days I will learn the order of uploading pics! sorry about that. Ashton an i took
Maddy and Rex to the park. The day was perfect and the park beautiful. Maddy LOVES sliding, swinging and running.
and she loves to dance!!!!!!

we also went to a train store. they had several trains they had running. they had a huge parrot that said hi! and they had Thomas the train area for little ones to play with. Maddy loved those trains.
yesterday was GW's first Dr's appointment. he had lost 5% of his weight while in the hospital. 5 days later he had gained it back plus 2 ounces. his new name is chubba wubba!

the days are going by fast, Maddy is giving me hugs and kisses. GW lets me snuggle him. life is good!

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