Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here we go again.......

You know I have been making vanilla and lemon extract with vodka.  Well, a few years ago I gave out pressing spray - made with vodka.

My Thornberries group decided we needed more!  I 'm game!  So here is my recipe for pressing spray:

3 cups distilled water
3 oz vodka
6 - 12 drops essential oils (we used oils from doterra.  but I would think any essential oil would work)

Well there are 6 of us.  so we doubled it to make it faster.  We did not add any oils at this point!  after all was said and done.  we had 6 1 gallons and 6 half gallon containers.  That's a lot of pressing spray!

When all was divided, then when started adding what oils we wanted.  for myself, lemon/lime and bergamot in my 2 containers.  others brought spray bottles and made each bottle a different flavor.

So I think I am good for the next year!  Thanks gals, it was great fun.  I can see this being a yearly thing......


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