Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackson is the Man!

Jackson turned 7 years old! Jackson and Eva are our newest additions to our family. David, Jackson and Eva will officially be "ours" on July 22nd! Yeah!!! Jen, David and the kids came over for a visit last night. I sure do love those grandma hugs and kisses.
One more quilt to show you! this is going to be GW's quilt - Ride em' cowboy! I am calling this little guy GW, because the kids are thinking about Gideon Wayne. I think it will grow on me. for now GW is great - like GW McClintok, the character that John Wayne played. Loved that movie! This is really a very old UFO - 2002 I believe. I had all the handwork done for the longest time. then I put it away until it was needed. Ashton and Elena came for Christmas and I started thinking - hmmmmm I bet a new little one will be coming soon. I even thought that they would spring the news on us a Christmas. Well our little Maddy wasn't even a year old at the time, what was I thinking!!!! anyway, started going through my kits and UFOs and found the cowboy one. Thought it would be perfect if they were to have a boy. Well, in January they gave us the news and in March (I think) they found out it was a boy! Was Grandma on the ball! So now I just have to get the batting and backing and my friend Jodi will be quilting it for me. Whew!!!

Have a great day! Me, I am going to sew, doing a little organizing, sew, cleaning and make some more birthday cards!



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  1. Lorene, your Jackson is quite the handsome fellow! I can't get over how much you got done on your quilt retreat. You are an amazing woman. Love looking at your blog.


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