Monday, July 13, 2009

Justin Turn 16!

my goodness, I can't believe my oldest grandson will turn 16 on saturday! I was there when he was born. It was the first time I had witnessed a birth other than my own. I felt like I would have rather given birth instead of watching my daughter go through it. Justin is a very talented drummer, a good looking guy, a great sense of humor, and a typical teenager! We love him and we are so proud of him.
I feel very confident that he doesn't check his granma's blog very often, so I am posting his birthday card! someone on SCALyahoo groups sent me the drummer sillouette and I used my
SCAL to shadow the cut. the gold in the background is Joss Paper. I used zip two glue on it.

Happy Birthday Justin! We love you.....
Grandma H

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  1. I love it! I have a drummer, too, so I will definitely have to make him something with this file! great job!


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