Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Wedding!

Well, Jenn and David were married on Wednesday! Yeah!!! They wanted it very simple and special. And that's what they got! you know how every wedding has it's own little bumps to make it memorable? well, they had a couple of bumps! The Justice of the Peace was not there when we got to the courthouse. He was at the hospital having a MIR done. the poor man had a couple of ruptured discs!!! So we caravan to his home. He had to sit while preforming the ceremony. He mad it very special and shared with the kids some beautiful words. In the corner of the room were toys for his grandchildren. He told the little ones they could play with them. a lot of them were musical! so the music in the background was old mac Donald and row, row, row your boat! I doubt that Jenn and David heard it though! LOL! the kiss........ to make it official!
and here is the Brady bunch! OH, I mean the Michner bunch!! Welcome to the family!

We love you all......

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