Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OH! MY! GOSH!!!!

hi everyone!  ok, I will start at the beginning of my story.  I read 2 blogs (OK, I read a lot more than that, my two favorite are.....),  Bonnie Hunter and Jo and Kelli .  Iread them no matter what and always first when I get online. 

Jo and Kelli have written a new quilt book.  Country Girl Modern .  It looks awesome.  And I want it.  I want it really bad!!!

well, I kept putting off ordering it.  not sure why, I just did.  Then Jo and Kelli had a blog hop of a book review of their book.  starting HERE .  She had a lot of really great bloggers.  mostly new to me.  I tell you, there were some really good ones. 

One of them is Bonnie Hunter.  Best of both worlds for me.  Well during the hop,  each blogger was giving away Jo and Kelli's book.  Ok, I made a deal with my self.  If I didn't win, I would buy the book.  I had 8 chances to win.....

AND, I. WON!!!!  yahoooooooooo!  this is the email I received from Bonnie Hunter:

Hi Lorene!

I just drew your entry as our winner for a copy of Jo & Kelli's Country Girl Modern!

Please send me your snail mail address so I can pass it on to them.  They will be mailing your prize to you.


Bonnie Hunter
Oh boy, I will be watching my mail everyday.  I wonder how long it will take?  I know Jo and Kelli will autograph for me.  I love all the quilts in there.  which one will I make first?  Do you think I will get it by Friday?  or longer?  Oh my!  hurry, hurry, hurry

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