Friday, March 6, 2015

A Learning Day....

Hi everyone,  the other day I spent with some friends.  One of them has a long arm, and she is growing daily in her quilting.  It truly is amazing.  she has only been doing this for around a year.  She practices all the time and her quilting is..... beautiful! 

My other friend is new to machine quilting and then there is me, a scaredy cat.  I have had my HQ16 for about 4 years, and just now trying to do ruler work and free motion.  So silly I know. 

Well, Charlene - the very talented one - helped Toni and I.  We need lots of help!  we tried feathers....  don't you love feathers?  We had our white boards and our dry erase markers, and we drew and drew and drew.  We need LOTS of practice.  it was fun.  Thank you Charlene, you are a sweetie for helping us.  We spent the afternoon drawing away.

Charlene brought a quilt to bind.  Now several years ago, Charlene and I  were in a swap together.  the pattern was from Edyta Star.  we each made just the thread part of the blocks.  Each of us chose a color to make and I had blue.  Charlene's is finished, and mine?  well...  not finished! 

See how beautiful?  love it!!!!  Great job Charlene!

In the morning, Toni and I worked on Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halverson.  We both have lots of her fabric.  And we both have fabric. I have a lot of previous lines, and Toni has lots from the line used in this book.  so we are mixing them up! 

Here is the first block.  Now we can do all the sewing part.  hand buttonhole stitch or machine buttonhole stitch?  black or matching thread?  Oh the choices!  So a new start for us.  Hopefully we can keep each other on track.  And by the end of the year, a new Christmas quilt!


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