Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Day(s) with grands!

Hi everyone,  I am such a bad grandma.  Me, who loves taking lots of pictures of my grands, took hardly any!  Bad Grandma!!!! 

the grands had spring break recently,  I like to spend a day with each of them that live here. 

First off was Gunner and Andrew.  no pictures.....  the day was full of going to the movies, playing yatzee, going to McDonalds. 

then Zoe came the next day.  Off to see Into the woods, Taco Bell and getting manicures!  While Zoe was here, she did my St Patrick's Day Chalkboard!

Great job sweetie! 

When we got home I put some Jamberry Nails on her index fingers.  First time I tried them.  fun, later will be my turn. 

then the following day was Lexi.  We had planned to go to the movies too.  she wanted to see Paddington.  Well, I was doing some things around the house.  When I came into the family room, our girl was sawing logs.  She was sound asleep!  So I just let her sleep. 

Next time I came into the family room she was gone.  I heard voices coming from my MIL apartment and went in there.  They were putting a puzzle together.  They spent the whole day at it. 

that was the only picture I got.  I told you I was a bad grandma!  thanks to my Grands I had a wonderful week.  I hope they did....

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