Friday, October 3, 2014

Yuma Territorial Prison

Hi Everyone,  on our way to CA, Lee had to stop in Yuma to do a inventory at one of our stores.  So, Lexi, Zoe, Gunner and I played while Lee worked. 

We looked up things to do in Yuma, AZ.  We all voted for the prison.  Last time I was there, was a LONG time ago.  in 1960 it became a national park.  Can I just say, things have changed a lot! 

The Yuma Territorial Prison was built by the prisoners in 1876,  it was open till 1909.  It is rich in history.  Things have changed so much.  down by the Gila river (which flows into the Colorado River) are picnic table, benches, walking paths.  Really beautiful. 

See how green it is!  It was a warm day, with a cool breeze....

The kids all got to try on a prison outfit and get there picture taken.  I told them to look mean! 

Several of the cells were open and so I locked up the kids!  not really, but we had fun.....

Go to the website to read about the dark cell.  kind of creepy.  prisoners were put in there for slight things.  no windows, no beds, no ventilation, no bathroom. nothing but a dark room.  one of the prisoners was in there for 104 days. 

The workers there were so nice and helpful.  If you go, put on your walking shoes and make sure it's not in the summer.  Temperatures in Yuma can get really hot!  like around 115 degrees or hotter in the middle of summer.  All the kids really enjoyed themselves.  and I think appreciated there lives a little more. 

afterwards, to Mc Donald's to get a little bit of ice cream to cool off, while Lee finished his work. 

Then back in the car for the last leg of our trip.......

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