Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween family party!

hey everyone, recently we had a big family party to celebrate Halloween.  I don't have many pictures because I was TOO Busy!!!  So I am begging pictures from my kiddos.....

Please send me more pictures. 

First off we had a Rib contest for the adults.  I wanted to get judges, but was voted down.  so we just judged among ourselves. 

Demi even made a rack of ribs.  she kept trying to get me to look at her ribs.  I should have figured out something was up! 

all the ribs were cover in foil, with a A, B, C, or D in front of them.  I was elected to take the foil off.  Hmmmmm,  I didn't expect anything! 

I gave the appropriate reaction!  hahahaha......

I continued to take off the covers......

  Can you see it?  that rat!!!!  That one really got me.  Oh how I love my children!!! 

All the ribs were wonderful!  Yum, yum, yum!!!!!  And guess who won?  Me!  How is that for getting even?  I did bow down, and let my son in law win the prize.  A Halloween black cat and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. 

Do you want the recipe?  please go to Following inn My Shoes she has the recipe on her blog.  I did add a little Montreal Steak Seasoning. I used Kroger brand of hickory smoke flavor BBQ sauce.  I love Famous Dave's sauces.  I didn't have any so I just used what I had. 

this recipe makes the meat so tender, it literally falls off the bone.  I did two rack because I was worried there wouldn't be enough.  one was spare ribs and the other was country style.  I did one rack on Friday and the other Saturday morning.  on the country style, (the ones I did on Friday) I stopped where you have to put them under the broiler for a few minutes.  I did that part on Saturday, just before our dinner.  they were just as good as the other rack. 

It was a very fun dinner!  thanks kiddos!!! 

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