Friday, October 31, 2014

I have been a very bad Grandma!

Earlier this week I shared how my children surprised me with a bloody hand and a rat in the ribs!  well.........

My goal in this life is to make wonderful memories for my grandchildren.  Happy, fun, laughing so hard your sides hurt memories. 

Well, I think I accomplished a little of that at our annual Halloween family party. 

I love Halloween.  the fun part, not the blood and guts kind.  I have been thinking about this for a while and some of my grands love fear factor.  Bruce and I talked, or rather I talked him into it.  Having our own fear factor with the grands! 

We had 10 items.  the rules were 1 bite, swallow it, no spitting out or you would be disqualified.  simple.  The winner would get $10.  we thought that would be a great incentive. 

I will give you our list.  Most of the items were bought at a oriental market.  Bruce and I tried all of them except the last one.  They really were not bad tasting or had no taste at all.   it was the idea of it!  hehehehehehe

1.  grave yard dirt.  the grands were a little worried.  all it was, was oreos put through the food processor.  easy peasy! 

2.  dried maggots - puff rice

3.  finger bones from a witch!  - lotus root.  they are about 3" long.  so we cut them into 1" pieces.  they only had to eat 1.

4.  swamp grass - dried seaweed strips

5.  shredded mummy skin - this one really looked like dried up skin.  it was dried squid.  it was sweet with a slight fishy taste.  

6.  Whale vomit - sorry, but it does look like it.  it is crackers with black sesame seeds and little tiny shrimp.  it was rock hard and we told the kids to maybe let it sit in there mouth for a bit to soften it. 

7.  Bird nest from a vulture - pickled mustard.  hardly any taste at all. 

8.  frog eggs - green tapioca. 
9.  bat poop - fried anchovies.  the frying didn't make it any better. 
10.  100 year old dragon eggs - it is a preserved duck egg.  it comes in a pack of 6 eggs.  They look pretty cool. 
this is an egg peeled.  hmmmmm, black.  still looking pretty cool
and then it gets sliced.  Oh, my, gosh!!!!  It smells slightly of egg.  not offensive at all.  The texture?  well, not for me!  hahahahaha........
they only had to eat a small piece, but it included the slimy center. 
I am truly surprised the grands did so well.  there was gagging, there was tearing up.  there was breathing hard.  there was drinking of a lot of water!  For awhile there, it was between 3 grands.  but Andrew could not eat that egg.  I am afraid he won't be able to eat any eggs at all. 
Lexi proving she ate it all! 

Gunner, Zoe, and Andrew.
I have such brave grands don't I!  My sister made a short film of the contest.  I shared it on my facebook page. 
Goodness, we are still laughing!!!!!!  I love my grands very much.  really!  Happy Halloween!

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