Saturday, February 22, 2014

How I tackle projects......

I like to think I am organized.  sometimes, I am very organized.  Other times, my sewing room looks like a tornado hit it.  Well, most of the time.  I guess I am a messy person.  For the last few years, I have played at picking the word simplify to help me keep on track.  It hasn't worked yet!  LOL.... 

Anyway,  back to the subject.  I always have lots of UFOs.  So I always have choices.  I do not like to sew only on one project.  I get bored.  I love doing leaders and enders.  No stress, no deadlines, no worries.  Just piecing away in my happy spot. 

One thing I came up with are block boards.  I made these at least 10  years ago.  I went to Home Depot and had them cut up Masonite  for me, into 16 " squares.  sometimes you can find remnants of these boards.  Is that the correct word for wood?  Masonite wood is not expensive. 

Now all that leftover batting you have stuck in your closet or drawers?  get it out. cut 16" squares.  I used spray adhesive and sprayed the rough side of the boards.  place batting on the boards.  Done, finished, that's it!

Now, Like I said, these boards are about 10 years old.  so there are a lot of little strings and such on them.  From time to time, I will try and clean them up.  I don't need them to be pretty, just functional.  and that they are!  I will stack blocks on each board ready to sew.  I do this as leaders and enders.  so while I am sewing on a certain project, I sneak in pieces from the boards.  pretty soon a block is done! 
When I start a project, I like to break it down in small bites.  So I have this notebook, with 5 dividers
1.  BOM (block of the month).  here I write down the BOMs I am currently doing.  If a kit comes in the mail, I write it down.  when I finish the block I write it down.  any info I need is written down.  I am about to start the penguin BOM from fat cat patterns  Vicki and I are going to do it together.  I have written down yardage requirements like the background needed etc.  so as I find/buy the fabric I can mark it off the list. 
2.  Current Projects:  Here are all my leaders and ender projects.  the page showing is for Home for the Holidays by Primitive Gatherings. 

I listed all my requirements for cutting by color.  then the blocks.  then the applique that needs to be done.  as each thing is accomplished I can mark it off!  I store the pattern in a plastic sleeve behind the paper.  I am starting Trail Blaze.  that has a gazillion pieces and different blocks.  breaking it down helps me feel not so overwhelmed with a big project.  I can do small jobs and stay focused. 

3.  Do again Patterns.  here are things that I make repeatedly.  gifty things, stuff for the grands, anything that I want to make again, soon!  there are only a couple of things there.  If I haven't made it, it gets filed away. 

4.  Notes.  extra paper and notes!

5.  Swaps.  each swap is a separate paper.  I list the name of the swap, the group, when due.  All important info that I need.  behind each paper is a sleeve with the pattern. 

I use a cookbook stand to hold my book.  it's on my sewing table in the corner.  Now, do I have you believing I am organized?  Good!  but only for a moment.  I am sewing today, and the tornado will happen!  Again...... 


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