Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paradise in the White Mountians!

Hi everyone!  I didn't get as many pictures as I should have while visiting my parents.  But it was such a relaxing week.  I loved every minute!  thanks mom and dad. 


See the enclosed porch?  That is where my Mom and I sewed everyday.  And as we were sewing, this is what we saw:

My parents have about 8 feeders hanging there.  Dad has to fill them everyday.  These hummers are little pigs!  LOL.......

One night, we had my brother and his wife, Aunt and friend, neighbors and a childhood friend come over for dinner. 

Do you watch Trisha Yearwood's food show?  Well, if you don't, you should.  We had Low Country Boil  It was so easy to fix.  and unbelievably GOOD!!!!  It asked for Zatarain's crab and shrimp boil seasoning.  I found it at Albertson's and Wal-Mart.  The first time I made it, was for Bruce and my MIL and I.  I opened the seasoning bag.  DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!  you just throw the bag into the boiling water!  the first time there was mustard seeds EVERYWHERE.   still good, but a little frustrating with those seeds.  Much better leaving the seasonings in the bag.  Another thing,  since shopping is a bit limited in the White Mountain area, I bought the shrimp at Walmart.  it was $23 for 3 or 4  pounds of jumbo shrimp.  it was deveined and cleaned.  And it was very good!  we had to shell the shrimp as we ate it.  but it was part of the fun.  So good! 

Now, just to warn you, this recipe feeds A LOT!!!  We had 10 people, and 3 pans of this stuff.  I didn't not double the recipe.  And we still had leftovers.  enough for 3 people with a little more left! 

It was a great week.  hugs......

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  1. I love looking out the windows of the screen room...it reminds me of Williams, Az.


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