Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Day in CA

I can't believe this was the last day. it seem to go sooooo fast. Trina is doing sooo well. She is feeling better. the swelling is almost gone. she is able to eat better. I am so glad! so I corralled the kiddos into having pictures taken.

This is Jordyn and I.... dream big handsome! Logan and I! grandma loves you sweetie! keep up working on that homework!

Lowell and I. doesn't he have the coolest dimples? we were talking about them. somehow we decided that 2 dimples were dumples! I tried the whole time while I was there to take a pic of those dumples. every time I would try, he would cover his cheeks. so finally on the last day, we got! love those dumples!!!
here is Michael and Trina.

Now Julia wanted to do some stitching while I was there. so she designed this. Can you guess who JB is? ah come, bet you can figure it out! Justin.... BIEBER!!! the design that is started around the heart are zebra stripes. this will become a pillow. Julia has a pink and zebra print bedroom.

Here is my angel - Julia!

Now there is Belle, but she didn't want her pic. I did get one the other day in the hat and sunglasses. that is as good as it gets. Thanks Zeman family for letting me come and help! loved every minute! love you all bunches.....

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