Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cupcakes! YUM!!!

OK, bad Grandma, I feel soooo bad! Trina and I stopped at a new cupcake store in Acton. We were going to only get one cupcake. we bought 8! then we were going to share with the kids, we didn't. we tasted the lemon one first and that was it! we had to taste them all.... Kind of expensive $2.75 each. and they were a little small. but oh soooooo good. sigh.... bad grandma!
Can I blame my daughter? it's all Trina's fault! bad Mommy!!! LOL.... Thank you sweetie for inviting me out. I am so glad that I got to come out to help. AND I am so very thankful that your surgery went so well.... Love ya sweetie......

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  1. Oh they were so yummy!! I had a lot of fun with you mom!! Love you so much! Katrina


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