Friday, July 23, 2010

Triple Irish Chain

I am sooooo close to getting this done. I layed it all out and started sewing the rows together. when I came back in to get another row. this is what I came back to! Miss Priss was playing hide and seek with my rows! Now I have all the rows together, and the borders on. wow!!! what an accomplishment. right now I am appliqueing some flowers in the corners. as soon as I am finished with that, then picture time!!! thanks charmers for helping me get my project done!

******* update on remodel! we are getting the permit on Monday, Finally!!! Yeah!!!! so maybe within 10 days we will start the construction. sure hope so, it seems that the planning part has taken forever!



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  1. That is going to be one beautiful quilt!! Can't wait to see it complete!


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