Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Demi Day!

Demi and I got to have a couple of days together. She is such a cutie! our first day together we went to see Eclispe! it was pretty good. the acting is getting better!

our next day I promised Demi I would take her to get her hair colored. here is her before. she wanted dark on top and blonde underneath. well, she has been playing with hair coloring. apparently, home dyeing and salon dyeing don't play well together. so she couldn't do exactly what she wanted.
so before her appointment we went to Jason's Deli - Yum! Demi had her Ceaser Salad - her fav ! she said it was one of the best ones she has ever had!

Me? a Reuben, one of my favs! I could only eat half of the half! it was really big and GOOD!
Then off to the salon! while Demi was getting her tranformation, I decided to get a pedicure! Oh my heaven!

here is the first photo of Demi. she had dark on top and reddish brown underneath. can you tell the difference? it really did look nice.......

can't really see much in this photo, but she was very happy.

Thanks Demi for staying with me. hope you had a good time! love you sweetie!!!
Grandma H.

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  1. It was nice to meet you Demi and put a face to your name that I always hear your Grandma talking about ! I hope you love your hair, what fun a new dooo before school starts !


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